“My 10-year old twins have been TKC members since age 3!  I’ve been astounded at their personal growth and accomplishments earned.  My husband began as a student in his late 40s to combat work stresses, bounce back from a serious battle with cancer, and for wellness improvement; he has had great results.  TKC has truly been “family” to us all and a blessing.  Under the tutelage of their dedicated staff and interactions with other wonderful families, we are blessed to have entered the TKC family.  We’ll be members for life.”
– Tanya Schechter (TKC mom)

“I’ve been friends with Sensei Buttermark since he returned from Japan in the early 1990s and became a top, national competitor year after year.  It’s been wonderful to see his dojo grow quality staff & develop national contender athletes."
- Bernard Scarda (Friend and Founder of Legend Shotokan Karate, NY)

"TKC Dojo has become a part of me and is 'family'.  The IKGA is now my global family with similar interests; I communicate with its members worldwide.  Shihan Buttermark is a great instructor, motivator, and mentor for me as well as a great friend and confidant."
- Chris Riggi (Student and Business Owner)

"Years of paralyzing shyness have been shed from me.  I've grown stronger personal through the Kaizen method - like little, baby steps.  I'm more vocal, taking chances to grow into a stronger, better me all thanks to the positive attributes from karatedo training at TKC."  
- Matthew Rozar  (TKC Student and College Student)

"TKC student/athletes are always strong competitors and a force to be taken very seriously.  Shihan Buttermark is a trusted friend, respected karateka, and high quality instructor."
- Terrence "Tokey" Hill (USA Karate Team Head Coach; 1st World Champion in Karate from USA; & Founder of World Champion Tokey Hill Martial Arts, OH/NY/NJ locations)