"Thank you Shihan Michael Buttermark. For parents and future students. Shihan Michael is my Brother in Arms, Friend and Sensei to my son Chris. Nowhere will you find a more " honorable, dedicated and traditional" instructor or practioner. If, like many, you are looking for a fast track to a "belt" then please continue your search. If, you are looking for a teacher & friend who will show you the true path and meaning of Karate then you have found your place. "Honor, Committment, Confidence, Technique, Tradition and Respect" are not only the pillars of this dojo, they are the pillars of this man. God bless you my Brother & Friend. I will always be just a phone call away from you. God bless you.💙"

-  Benjamin R. Riggi  - Friend & TKC Student's Parent

Just want to thank you for the effort you put in with my girls and all the kids!   Your commitment to bettering the kids is nothing short of amazing.  I can’t thank you enough.
- Joe Eugeni (TKC Parent)

“My 11-year old twins have been TKC members since age 3!  I’ve been astounded at their personal growth and accomplishments earned.  My husband began as a student in his late 40s to combat work stresses, bounce back from a serious battle with cancer, and for wellness improvement; he has had great results.  TKC has truly been “family” to us all and a blessing.  Under the tutelage of their dedicated staff and interactions with other wonderful families, we are blessed to have entered the TKC family.  We’ll be members for life.”
– Tanya Schechter (TKC mom)

"The only Karate dojo in my area where I can trust my kids with. I trained in Shotokan Karate since 1981 and I used to teach in the Philippines and in NYC. Since my day job prevents me from teaching my kids and professionally, I needed to find a great dojo for my boys and not just another belt factory or McDojo. Luckily, I discovered Shihan Buttermark whose pedigree in Goju-ryu Karate-do is impeccable.  His classes are fun but not too light-hearted... Serious fun.
He doesn't focus only on sport kumite but covers all areas of Goju-kai, including bunkai, conditioning and self-defense. If you live within (or close to) the Old Bridge/Matawan area and are looking for great traditional karate-do, look no further than TKC."
- Sensei Keith Olivares (TKC dad, associate instructor & team coach)

"TKC Dojo has become a part of me and is 'family'.  The IKGA is now my global family with similar interests; I communicate with its members worldwide.  Shihan Buttermark is a great instructor, motivator, and mentor for me as well as a great friend and confidant."
- Chris Riggi (TKC Student and Business Owner)

"Years of paralyzing shyness have been shed from me.  I've grown stronger personal through the Kaizen method - like little, baby steps.  I'm more vocal, taking chances to grow into a stronger, better me all thanks to the positive attributes from karatedo training at TKC."  
- Matthew Rozar  (TKC Student and College Student)

" Excellent dojo. Kids are taught in a way they can understand and are treated fairly. I appreciate that the students earn their ranks and are not just given belts because of money paid or length of time participated. My father is a 5th degree black belt and a Sensei of Isshin Ryu. He advised me to bring my son here as he is in Florida and trusts the credentials of Michael Buttermark and the style of karate."

-Mary Segura (TKC mom)

"I've know Michael Buttermark for well over 10 years. Michael is a well spoken, well educated and dedicated martial artist in karate-do. Mike has produced some of the best karate athletes in the country. His students are from various backgrounds and always polite, disciplined and hard working. I think that speaks volumes of what you or your child would get from Michael's dojo. This is real karate, and the style is a legitimate one with roots and connections back to Japan. This is no belt factory. This is real karate-do and your black belt will mean a lot more coming from here."

- Sensei Eric Rossini (MassDojo Owner and a premier US National Karate Coach)

"Great place to train your kids. And yourself. Extremely friendly and open-minded people! Official student of Goju Kai Style of karate from Okinawa, Japan. This dojo visits many tournaments and competitions for students to gain experience in. Follows the Olympic rules for the 2020 Olympic games in Japan."

- Akassh Shah (TKC associate instructor, former Team India member & Jr WKF Bronze Medalist)