Fun and energetic, full body workout with lots of Olympic martial arts action.  Recommended for girls and boys ages 5+.  

We are a registered club with the USA National Karate Federation (member US Olympic Committee and the National Governing Body of the sport of Karate in the USA).  We are an official Olympic Training Center.

Our Olympic and IKGA Karate programs  offer New Jersey residents the very best of both worlds - Sport and Traditional - in one location. 

Want more adventure?  Join New Jersey's most Successful national & international travel karate school team.  Accepting athletes all ages and abilities (typical and para-karate) for the 2020 team.

*Karate Debuts at Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo 2020



Build mind, body & spirit in authentic, traditional, Japanese Goju-Ryu Karatedo (IKGA) curriculum taught in 60+ countries throughout 6 continents.  

Ideal for all students: female or male; able-bodied or disabled; no experience required; ages 5 through senior citizen!  

Children start in developmental programs before they are selected into the IKGA program by their abilities.  Teens and adults enroll directly into IKGA. 



Pre Karate are our three levels of developmental Karate curriculum for children.  Each set the way to a great training experience and solid, karate foundation.

 NINJA - Girls and boys ages 2 - 3.  Offers a great first experience for the youngest karate enthusiasts as they learn life skills and karate skills as well as classroom/group concepts and activities.

SAMURAI - Ages 4 - 6.  Better for more active listening, energetic, young students.  Classes are fun, educational and physically active.  Lessons draw students' attention so they actively engage tasks and class structure

GOJUKAN - Ages 7 - 12.  Beginning a very positive karate experience with a solid core but a lighter load of curriculum details.  GOJUKAN works as an evaluation zone for students to develop until they are selected to join the IKGA program.  These students may also join the Olympic training if they wish.