In the 2020 Tokyo, Karate will debut for the first time as an Olympic and Paralympic Sport.  

This sport is organized globally under the World Karate Federation (WKF is member of IOC).  Its national representation is the USA National Karate Federation (USA-NKF is member of USOC).  

TKC athletes travel/compete exclusively in this format at national and international events.  

Our staff is USA-NKF certified as officials and coaches in Karate and have all been successfully screened by USOC SafeSport background checks.


Why not become a Karate champion yourself?

TKC trains students to contend competently in Olympic Karate rules competitions.  Tournament participation is NEVER mandatory as a membership or promotion requirement - it is an extra-curricular activity.  

Our staff has great expertise in coaching and developing athletes of all abilities beyond their perceived limits.

"No one starts out as a champion, but you must START training to become one."  

Students may be attracted to the appeals of forms (kata) or fighting (kumite) or both.  We can nurture your development in those skills to highest levels.


MANY martial art programs will NOT allow students to fight immediately for fear of frightening them away.  This is NOT the case at TKC Dojo - Student may fight from day #1.  

At TKC, no one rides the bench and everyone learns fighting skills.  

Punching, kicking, blocking, sweeping/throwing, and tactical movements are taught safely to girls and boys of all ages and ability levels in our Olympic Karate program.  

We believe that martial art schools without fighting are missing a crucial element.  To us, karate without fighting is like an acting class or a dance routine.  


There is nothing satisfying about sitting on the bench while the rest of the team plays a game... without you.  At TKC, no one sits on the bench.  Everyone can participate.

Olympic Karate lessons are fun and challenging.  Athlete development methods are traditional and state-of-the-art such as Plyometrics, HIIT, and seasonal periodization.

Programs are also social with many lasting friendship formed in dojo.   


Too many sports are ruined by inflated egos, parental antics, and hyper-competitiveness.  

At TKC, we will build students into athletes striving for:

  1. No ego issues
  2. Good sportsmanship
  3. Opportunities to improve
  4. A never give up attitude
  5. Healthy habits
  6. Leadership qualities - not a follower
  7. Inner peace


Athletes who are able to be coached are more likely to succeed in life.  


Typically, they are more self-reliant, confident, accustomed to failures and successes, determined to succeed, and have great ability to adapt to good and bad situations.

*Pictured above is Michael Schechter a prime example of our philiosophy.  He is always the smallest in school but has spirit of a giant.  Michael started karate at TKC when he was 3 years old.  He's won national championship medals in fighting against kids 18-inches taller than him and had entire crowds cheering for him!  He's just earned his Black Belt at age 10 because he is not defined by excuses, he's defined by the goals he set and the work he's done to earn and achieve them.