Our Affiliations & Credentials

International Karatedo Gojukai Association is our parent organization; their headquarters are in Tokyo.  IKGA curriculum is the exclusive karatedo program taught at TKC.  

Traditional Karate Center - Matawan Gojukan is an IKGA licensed/certified dojo.  TKC teachers are IKGA licensed/certified as Instructors.  As such, TKC students may also participate in IKGA Global Championships every four years and engage IKGA international training camps when available.  

USA-National Karate Federation is the National Governing Body for the sport of Karate and member of the US Olympic Committee.  TKC is a registered club of the USA-NKF (club registration #28886) and our athletes compete at USA-NKF National Championships annually and vie for spots on the US Karate Team through USA-NKF.

World Karate Federation is the International Federation responsible for forwarding the Sport of Karate into the Olympic Games.  WKF is a member of the International Olympic Committee.  WKF is Olympic Karate - rules, rankings, officials, etc.

TKC staff are USOC Safe Sport Certified and Criminal Background Check "Green Light" (Clear of Discretion and Safe to Work with, and in the company of, minor-aged children)