Proof of Concept Built In FREE

Our one FREE month offer IS available for the most skeptical persons.  You cannot beat a 100% FREE proof of concept and value, right?  It is like getting a money back guarantee BEFORE you spend your money.

Get to know us and be comfortable with us before you commit to membership in our programs.

HOWEVER... you will forgo all other generous TKC offers.  

We have something for more confident consumers of all ages.  For only $80, you will receive: 

  1. One month of karate lessons
  2. Official karate uniform & belt
  3. Karate gloves
  4. Your 2018 TKC annual fees included 

*These offers cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.


Break Through Your Barrier Today

We would love for you to begin your journey in the next available class.  

Schedules are more expanded from Labor Day  through Memorial Day and contacted during summer months of June, July & August.

We will be adding new programs beginning in fall 2018.  

Contact us today to find the best matched programs for your needs.