Giving Back to Local Non Profits


Fundraising is Never Fun!  We Will Donate Up To 50% to Your Local Charity!  

TKC Will Partner With Any Local, NPO/Charity by Generously Donating to on an Ongoing Basis - Sustainable Fundraising.

Any NPO, Schools, PTOs/PTAs, Scouting, Religious, Fire, Police, EMS, or Civic NPO Organizations Can Gain Up to 50% of Tuition Back as an IRS Tax-Deductible Donation for 3 Months.  Afterward, They Receive 25% Sustainable, Monthly Grants in Perpetuity! 

Have Your NPO Contact Us for Details.


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December 2017 Promotion Results


Congratulations to all students that advanced ranks at our annual Bonnen-kai (End of Year celebration) and awards dinner.  

Yudansha (Black Belt) Promotions:

  • John Castella Sempai - IKGA Junior Shodan
  • Michael Schechter - TKC Junior Shodan-Ho
  • Prithvi Paruchuri - TKC Junior Shodan-Ho

Mudansha (Non Black Belt) Promotions:

  • Timothy Dashchenko - 10th Kyu/Yellow Belt
  • Diogo Valentim - 10th Kyu/Yellow Belt
  • Salvatore LaBruzza - 10th Kyu/Yellow Belt
  • Wyhidi Wilson - 10th Kyu/Yellow Belt
  • Christopher Rolek - 10th Kyu/Yellow Belt
  • Rayan Kadiri - 10th Kyu/Yellow Belt
  • Nourredine "Nour" Kadiri - 10th Kyu/Yellow Belt
  • Christian Monemvasitis - 10th Kyu/Yellow Belt
  • Samad Turner - 10th Kyu/Yellow Belt
  • Mark Ibrahim - 10th Kyu/Yellow Belt
  • Matthew Babin - 10th Kyu/Yellow Belt
  • Luciano "Luci" Maietta - 6th Kyu/Green Belt
  • Saisambhav "Sai" Gudi - 4th Kyu/Blue Belt

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2017 End of Year Awards

2016 Most Improved TKC Student - Sai Gudi

At Our 2017 Bonnen-Kai and Awards Dinner, Special Athlete Awards were presented to:

TKC All-American for Competition Excellence awarded to 

  • John D'Arpa

TKC & IKGA All-American for Competition Excellence awarded to 

  • John Castella
  • Tyler Kelly
  • Omar Dahdouh
  • Jesse Finney
  • Prithvi Paruchuri
  • Sai Gudi
  • Luciano Maietta
  • Paul Huang

We presented 2017 TKC Student of the Year awards to:

  • For IKGA Karatedo - Prithvi Paruchuri
  • For Olympic Karate - Luciano Maietta
  • For Outstanding Leadership - John Castella

Congratulations to all TKC students for the individual efforts and progress in 2017.  We know you will continue on your successful ways into 2018 and beyond. 

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Personal Development Opportunities


Additional Opportunities Exist for Community and Personal Enrichment & Development.  

Listed Below are Services TKC Can Provide With Our Core Programs:

  • Para-Karate: Special Needs/Cognitive Disabled Persons (Paralympic Sport)
  • Para-Karate: Disabled Vets/Physically Disabled Persons (Paralympic Sport)
  • Self Defense Programs for All Ages (Battered Women; College-Bound Students; Bullied Persons)
  • Kids Anti-Bullying Seminars
  • Kids Anti-Abduction Seminars
  • Police & Fire Games Karate Training
  • Karate for At Risk Kids (Suicidal; Social Outcast; Alternate to Gangs; Alternate to Drugs)

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New Jersey Boys Represent USA at Global Championship in Vancouver


We are Proud of ALL TKC Athletes That Represented the United States of America with Distinction, Pride, and Sportsmanship.  You ALL Performed Magnificiently!!!    

7th IKGA Global Championship

Richmond Olympic Oval in Vancouver, BC, Canada Sept 28th - Oct 1st.  


  1. John Castella - Kumite Silver
  2. Jesse Finney - Kumite Bronze 
  3. Luciano Maietta - Kumite Bronze
  4. Omar Dahdouh - Kumite 5th
  5. Prithvi Paruchuri - Kata 5t

Special Acknowledgement to Our Athletes Showing Tremendous Spirit, Skill & Sportsmanship Without Medaling. We are Extremely Proud of You!  

  • Saisambhav "Sai" Gudi
  • Paul Huang
  • Tyler Kelly

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Results from 2017 National Championship in South Carolina

Luci's Gold Medal at 2017 NKF Nationals

USA National Karate Federation 2017 National Championship & Junior US Team Trials

Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, South Carolina July 20th - 23rd.  


  1. Luciano Maietta - Kumite Gold; Team Kumite Gold
  2. John Castella - Kumite Bronze in Elite/US Jr Team Trials.  USA #4 Rank
  3. Tyler Kelly - Kumite Bronze
  4. John D'Arpa - Para-Karate Kata Bronze

Special Acknowledgement to Our Athletes Showing Tremendous Spirit, Skill & Sportsmanship Without Medaling. We are Extremely Proud of You! 

  • Saisambhav "Sai" Gudi
  • Prithvi Paruchuri
  • Jesse Finney
  • Omar Dahdouh

The USA-NKF 2018 National Championship will be in Reno, Nevada July 12th - 15th.

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